Living with Authentic Carpets

-What do we really want as we live our hectic lives in this hustle and bustle?-

We are introducing ‘the best ’items which we have carefully selected from among the many Persian carpets. What do we mean by ‘the best’?
The answer might be found in the history of Persian carpets.

Carpets have been necessities for the people living up along the Iranian Plateau for thousands of years. Carpets were in a way their daily life partners. The people sheared the wool from the sheep they herded, spinning it carefully by hand and dyeing the yarn with natural ingredients. After that, artisans’ hands wove the yarn into the traditional patterns handed down through the prayers and stories of their ancestors. The carpets made in this way could not have been mere rugs. In making their carpets, they expressed much of themselves, in other words, their carpets incorporated their identities. Such carpets were their art, and they were very proud of them. These are our carpets, which we believe to be authentic.

However, there was once a sad period which we deplore. The 1900s started with a trend towards mass-production, and this tendency spread to the carpet markets too. Mass-produced cheap carpets were most welcome and those authentic traditional carpets began to be dismissed. Fortunately, however, towards the end of the 20th century there appeared some people who doubted and resisted this trend. They carried out extensive research into traditional authentic carpet-making. Among them were the artisans from Miri Creation and Soleymanieh Firi, who succeeded in reviving the art of making authentic traditional carpets in the style of the Golden Ages of the 16th century Safavid Dynasty.

Currently, the carpets from Miri Creation and Soleymanieh Fini can be seen exhibited in museums and in royal palaces worldwide. Some of them are seen decorating festive scenes such as the Qalishuyan (festival of washing carpets in Iran), or the Gion Festival in Kyoto, Japan. Such exhibits show that people nowadays are longing to enjoy more genuine objects than ever before. So it is our pleasure and purpose to enrich and make our daily lives happy in the company of original handmade Persian carpets. These authentic carpets, ranging in styles from the antique to the contemporary, can be seen here in the Miri collection showroom.

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